"Larger Than Life" Cascadia Weekly


"Light-drenched thick strokes of pigment swirl about as if driven by a roaring gale...": The New York Times


"...large, powerful, stimulating works, with wonderful tumultuous skies..." Suffolk Times


"They suggest mysteries of the past and cause you to stop and ponder the future....(her) work is uniformly interesting and oddly haunting"...The Every Other Weekly


"Thick strokes of paint emphasize the tactile qualities of the structures while describing the movement and the feeling of the envrionment." The Long Islander


"This Bellingham painter knows her subject, uses color to lighten or darken the mood...Libert's affection for her subject is clear, unequivocal, but she doesn't fuss it up with sentimental hooey...:" Anacortes American


:...Libert lends each of her subjects a dignified and sometimes imposing appearance." Newsday